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ECSR 2018 Gallery

  ECSR 2018 Conference has just started in Paris!! Looking forward to many interesting contributions Tweet   Lack of Ethnic Effects explain by Jan Rovny. "Ethnicity and Political Competition in Eastern Europe" Tweet   Mirna Safi explaining migration as a case study for inequality Tweet   Richard Breen during the first plenary session [Image @EleonoraVlach]   @ECSR_Soc meets @EuropeanUni. Former and current EUI members together at #ecsr2018 Tweet   Louis Chauvel on housing regimes and social mobility Tweet   @GTattarini and @RafGrotti test different possible mechanisms that can be responsible for the gendered effect of unemployment on self-perceived health Tweet   @PEngzell with a potentially groundbreaking paper on how parents value social positions in terms of their children and children's long term outcomes in Sweden Tweet   Giorgio Cutuli and @RafGrotti from @CSIS_Unitn provide empirical identification of genuine state dependence dynamics and unobserved heterogeneity as relevant factors shaping the reiteration and accumulation of unemployment and long-term unemployment risks over time Tweet   Interesting results on the impact of child development on mothers' return to work presented by @CorinnaKleinert from #LIfBi Tweet   Camilla Borgna talks about Educational Inequalities in Germany after the rise of Comprehensive Schools [Image @EleonoraVlach]   Incorporation of immigrants and second generations into the French labour market by Yaël Brinbaum [Image @EleonoraVlach]   Andrea Forster, Student expectations and higher education enrolment [Image @EleonoraVlach]   @MorisTriventi presents new exciting work on intergenerational mobility in 21st century at #ecsr2018 Tweet   Using the PIAAC, @martin_ehlert finds that cross-national difference in training gaps in adult training can partly be understood by looking at the educational system of a country Tweet   Yuliya Kosyakova, The "true" effect of social ties on migrants' labor market integration [Image @EleonoraVlach]   Kristina Lindemann, How did the Great Recession affect entry into tertiary education and for whom? [Image @EleonoraVlach]   Very interesting presentation by @RobGruijters1 on sibling correlations in China over time. Increasing importance of parental education, whereas the rural/city difference decreased in importance. Tweet   Carlo Barone presentation: The Breen-Goldthorpe model: How plausible are its assumptions? [Image @EleonoraVlach]   Time to discussion and explain the research topics to colleagues Tweet   Herman van de Werfhorst [Image @EleonoraVlach]   Early morning "caffe with sociology" in Paris Tweet   #gender #Switzerland #employment Tweet   #sociology covers diversity #ECSR2018 #students #laborMarket #singlehood Tweet   @LorisVergolini and @EleonoraVlach presented a poster at the #ECSR2018 Tweet   #fertility #AssistedReproductiveTechnology [Image B. Corminboeuf / @OSC_SciencesPo]   #immigrants #SameSexMarriage #EducationalOutcomes [Image B. Corminboeuf / @OSC_SciencesPo   #HealthInequality #DisabilityRetirement #SocialBackground [Image B. Corminboeuf / @OSC_SciencesPo   The main hall called "La Péniche" [Image @EleonoraVlach]   ESR at ECSR Conference in Paris! You can find us, right next to the registration desk for all the time of Conference! Tweet   #ECSR2018 PhD Thesis Prize: Congratulations to Anne Christine Holtmann from @EuropeanUni [Image B. Corminboeuf / @OSC_SciencesPo]   Congratulation Dr. Ridhi Kashyap! ECSR Thesis Price 2018 for an outstanding Ph.D. Thesis!! Tweet   #ecsr2018 conference dinner at "le coupole" ...not bad, isn't? Tweet

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